HydroClean is proud to be #1 in Customer Service! With a great experience starting with our friendly cashier, an associate to guide you on the track, our state-of-the-art tunnel equipment, and our free vacuums available for use after your wash. HydroClean is proud to be your preferred car wash!
Greeted by A Friendly Cashier

You are always greeted by a friendly cashier who can help you decide what is the best wash for you. We come to you, so you’ll never have to leave your vehicle.

State-of-the-art Tunnel Equipment

With our state-of-the-art tunnel equipment, your car always comes out sparkling clean!

Fire & Ice

Fire & Ice is a two-part system, applied at the beginning and the end of the tunnel. FIRE which is applied at the beginning, is a red lava pre-soak that helps clean. The ICE is applied at the end of the tunnel and it puts a protective coat that helps shine, repels against water and bugs, and when combined they help keep your car cleaner longer!

Free Vacuums & Towels to Use
Need we say more? Come experience our high quality vacuum system on your next visit to HydroClean! Who would have thought that vacuuming could be so much fun?!